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What happens at a guardianship hearing in Oklahoma?


What is a guardianship hearing?

The guardianship hearing is the place in which the person seeking to be appointed guardian of the child or the child’s property asks the court to grant such a request.

It is important for the person seeking to be appointed guardian to bring with them to the hearing any court papers. The person seeking to be appointed guardian will have the opportunity at the guardianship hearing to submit evidence to the judge supporting their case.

The person may testify and witnesses may also provide testimony on the person’s behalf.

In addition, the judge will question the potential guardian about their personal finances and whether they will be capable of raising the child or taking care of the child’s property. If the amount of the child’s property is large enough, the judge may request that a bond be placed on it.

Child support will also be discussed in a guardianship hearing. The child’s birth parents may be ordered to make child support payments.

The judge may either address the issue of child support directly in the order for guardianship, or the judge may order the guardian to enlist the aid of the Oklahoma Child Support Services

Being appointed guardian of a child is an honorable task. However, certain steps must happen in order to make that a reality.

By fulfilling all the legal requirements, a person may be appointed the guardian, which will allow the person to take care of the child and provide the child with the love and support they need to grow and thrive.


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