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Why You Need a Tulsa Adoption Lawyer

Wanting to adopt is a noble and wholesome desire that many families feel every year. Sometimes this desire can be so overwhelming that parents want to rush the process in order to bring their new child home faster tamiflu medicine. This is understandable because the adoption process can become very tedious, but the process is tedious for a good reason.

It was recently discovered some American parents adopting children from Mexico were tricked into paying cash for children who were forcefully taken from their birth parents. These children were taken from poor and commonly drug addicted homes by the government.

Once the children were taken they were suppose to be handed over to child welfare, but this never happened. Authorities believe a state official and a doctor were working together to take the children and then produce a fake birth certificate. These men would then find parents willing to pay cash to bypass the legal adoption process and adopt the children faster.

The children have now been removed from the adopted parent’s home. Obviously this caused significant emotional stress for both the children and the parents, which could have been avoided had the parents gone through the proper channels.

Sadly, adoption scams like this are all too common. Using a local Tulsa adoption lawyer will help you avoid scams like this. Baysinger Henson Reimer & Cresswell are skilled in guiding you through the adoption process from start to finish. Adoption is a wonderful act and Baysinger Henson Reimer & Cresswell are here to help you start your new family.