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Williams Bought for $37 Million

In 1908 two brothers started a small construction company in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. It didn’t take long for those brothers to find a niche building cross-country pipelines.

By 1919 Miller and David Williams moved their company to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Williams, as the company would come to commonly be known, soon became an iconic Tulsa company. Williams would grow to become one of the largest employers of Tulsa with more than 1000 employees.

Williams Bought for $37 Million

Earlier this week Williams announced it accepted a buyout offer from Dallas based Energy Transfer Equity. This $37 billion deal is one of the largest of its kind in recent time. It is unclear how many employees will stay in Tulsa and how many will be moved elsewhere.

The merger of the two companies will create one of the five largest energy companies in the world.

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If you aspire to be the next Miller or David Williams, you’re going to need a lawyer to help you. When you’re going through the process of forming your business, it’s important to have expert legal advice to make sure you avoid any problems down the road.