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Archive for November 2015

Hiding Money in a Divorce

Hide and seek is a favorite game with young kids singulair medicine. Finding that top secret spot in the backyard that no one can find was one of the greatest thrills of childhood. Sometimes adults like to play hide and seek with their money, especially when it’s time to pay up or split up. When…

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Oklahoma Synthetic Drug Laws

Synthetic drugs were recently thrust into the spotlight when almost 30 people in Tulsa became extremely ill by overdosing on synthetic marijuana, or K2/spice. These synthetic drugs have taken the Oklahoma legal system for quite the ride, starting in 2008. Seven years ago K2 and other synthetic drugs took the nation by storm. Using legal…

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Top Five Reasons to Use a Collaborative Divorce

Most people going through a divorce are vastly unaware of the options available to them. Thanks to the equally thrilling and dramatic divorce courts we all see on daytime TV, the common thought is that a courtroom battle is the only way to get a divorce. This could not be further from the truth. A…

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