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Hiding Money in a Divorce

Hide and seek is a favorite game with young kids singulair medicine. Finding that top secret spot in the backyard that no one can find was one of the greatest thrills of childhood. Sometimes adults like to play hide and seek with their money, especially when it’s time to pay up or split up. When dividing up assets during a divorce it can be tempting to hide or undervalue certain assets to avoid forking them over to the soon to be former spouse.

A surgeon in Alaska recently went to great lengths to play hide and seek with this money during his divorce. The surgeon headed south for Costa Rica and opened several bank accounts. He then deposited more than $350,000 in cash and one thousand ounces of gold. After Costa Rica he went to Panama and dumped 4.6 million into a fake corporate account.

Obviously he did not claim these offshore accounts in his divorce, nor did he claim the money on his taxes. After the divorce was finalized he started to bring the money home. Federal agents seized the money and charged him with tax evasion and perjury. Now there is a possibility he could get a sentence of 95 years in jail and substantial fines.

One of the biggest mistakes the surgeon made was lying to his own attorney. Anytime you’re working with an attorney you’re protected by a strict code of confidentiality, so you should always be honest.

Using a collaborative divorce can not only save you time and money, it can ensure honesty. Since the two lawyers are working together instead of fighting in court, both parties are more likely to be honest and play fair. To contact a Tulsa collaborative divorce lawyer call the law firm of Baysinger, Henson, Reimer & Cresswell.