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Oklahoma Synthetic Drug Laws

Synthetic drugs were recently thrust into the spotlight when almost 30 people in Tulsa became extremely ill by overdosing on synthetic marijuana, or K2/spice. These synthetic drugs have taken the Oklahoma legal system for quite the ride, starting in 2008.

Seven years ago K2 and other synthetic drugs took the nation by storm. Using legal chemicals, cunning drug pushers found a way to manufacture synthetic drugs that delivered similar results to real drugs. Lawmakers were left scrambling to outlaw these chemicals, but drug makers kept finding new chemicals to use. Finally, in 2014 Oklahoma passed House Bill 2666 to ban more than 150 chemicals used to make synthetic drugs.

Today synthetic drugs are not running rampant like a few years ago, but they still are an issue. K2, or spice, is synthetic marijuana, and one of the most popular synthetic drugs on the market. Despite being outlawed, the chemicals used to make K2 are still sometimes sold in head shops often labeled as incense.

K2 has a long list of nicknames and slang terms including: Black Mamba, Bliss, Bombay Blue, Fake Weed, Genie, Spice, Zohai. Regardless of what it’s called, in Oklahoma getting caught with K2 is a felony.

The state of Oklahoma has some of the harshest penalties for drug offenses in the nation, and K2 is no exception. In fact, getting caught with K2 brings harsher penalties than getting caught with actual marijuana, which is a misdemeanor for a first time possession.

K2 is considered a schedule I controlled dangerous substance in Oklahoma, which means for a first time possession you could be fined $5,000 and get a minimum of two years in prison, with a maximum of five years.

If you’ve been charged with possession or possession with intent to sell synthetic drugs in Oklahoma, you’re facing a tough road ahead of you. It’s important to contact an experienced Oklahoma attorney who is skilled in Oklahoma synthetic drug laws. The law firm of Baysinger, Henson, Reimer & Cresswell have the experience and skill necessary to protect your future.