3 Estate Planning Items You Might Need to Update

Estate Planning Picture

One mistake you can easily make when making an estate plan is not keeping it up to date. Most people want to get the paperwork from their lawyer, lock it in their safe, and then never look at it again. As nice as this would be, because your life changes you might also need to…

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Pros and Cons of Changing Your Name After a Divorce

pros and cons of changing your name after a divorce

Going through a divorce obviously causes you to change your lifestyle in several ways. One lifestyle change that women often have to go through is changing their last name. Not all women go back to their maiden name, and for many the decision to keep their name is really stressful. There are several pros and…

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How to Get Unpaid Child Support Payments

get unpaid child support payments

When a couple who has children gets divorced the courts use a simple method to calculate child support payments. The state of Oklahoma created child support guidelines back in 1987 and those guidelines are still used today. These guidelines use two main factors to determine child support payments: the income of the parents and the…

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What is Money Laundering?

Money laundering is often a buzzword used in mob movies, but few people actually understand what money laundering is or how it works. Generally speaking money laundering is hiding money earned from illegal activity and there are state and federal laws against laundering. Some estimate that more than a trillion dollars are laundered every year.…

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