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The United State of Divorce


Research conducted in the United States estimates that 45 percent of all first marriages and about 60 percent of couples involved in second marriages end up divorcing. Factors associated with divorce include: early marriages, inadequate education, and financial sources, among others.


Factors Associated with Divorce in America

Divorce has existed in the American society for a long time, but it has become prevalent in the United States in the last 50 years. Most researchers come up with reasons they think the society has been subjected to alarming rates of divorce. These factors may not necessarily lead to a divorce, but studies show they typically increase the chances of one.


Early marriages

A couple that gets married at an early age increases their chances of getting divorced. Research show that couples who get married in their teens are likely to get divorced sooner or later. It is believed that those individuals who delay getting into marriage are likely to have a lasting relationship. It is because they mature enough to handle marriage issues.


Less education

Individuals with a college education are expected to have a longer marriage life compared to those that did not finish high school. A good education is said to be a better way for preparing for a good marriage life.



Insecurity is caused by the feeling of worthless in marriage. Insecure individuals will never feel happy and comfortable in their marriage lives.


Lack of religious affiliation

Couples with religious affiliation have been reported to have a lasting marriage compared to their nonreligious counterparts. However, lately the numbers between religious and nonreligious divorced couples are getting closer.


Bad influence from the parents’ divorce

Children that witness their parents divorcing are likely to divorce later in their marriage. In a scenario where both the partners had their parents divorcing, then the chances of them getting divorced increases.


Pregnancy and childbearing before marriage

The chances of a future divorce are increased by pregnancy and childbearing before the wedding. Reports indicate that about 37 percent of children in the United States are born outside marriages, and only a few of the parents eventually get married. Utah’s rate of unwed births is the lowest in the United States.


Premarital cohabitation

Chances of divorcing are high among couples living together before marriage. The chances are even greater in couples who cohabit with more than one partner. Some researchers argue that living together develops problems among couples. It may prevent the development of a strong commitment between the two.


Less income

An inadequate source of revenue is another factor associated with many cases of divorce in the United States. Research shows that couples earning more than 50,000 U.S Dollars are less likely to divorce than their counterparts who make less. Lack of reliable financial sources in a marriage can lead to frustrations. Earning a modest income is reported to help in reducing the likelihood of a divorce.

Cases of divorce and remarriages in the United States are common. Some states allow the renewal of a marriage license if a person remarries. It is after a certain given period. Two-thirds of the states have a ‘no-fault’ divorce law. The law allows the partner to seek for divorce when they feel like divorcing without necessarily giving a solid reason. Annually, about one million children are reported to witness their parents divorcing in the United States. One in three children in America is born out of marriage, and one in every four families in the United States is a single parent family.

Most divorces in the U.S are accompanied by contest over family properties and children custody. Such divorce cases require that you hire a good  Divorce lawyer to help in the process. The high probability of divorce in the United States has made married partners opt for marriage contract that limits a spouse’s’ claim in case a divorce takes place.


The divorce statistics about real life

In the United States, statistical data reveal that a newly married couple is likely to go through a divorce than a couple that has been married for some time. In the political arena, in 2004, it was reported that Massachusetts had the lowest rate of divorce that was at 2.4 percent for every 1,000 population. Texas was said to have a divorce rate of about 4.1 percent per 1,000 inhabitants.

All states impose a minimum residence time before one can be eligible to file for a divorce. The state of Nevada requires that one of the parties must have resided in Nevada for a minimum period of six months before filing for a divorce. If it is a complaint, the plaintiff must be the resident. In case it is a joint petition, only one signature will be required, and the other party can reside anywhere in the world. Couples in Nevada can remarry immediately when they finalize their divorce process. A divorce will be granted after a period of one to three weeks after both parties have signed the required documents. The process is even faster if there is no property or children involved.