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Can physics help create child custody plans?

In addition to being fair, a child custody order must be workable. While some child custody arrangements may be fair, they may be so complex that they become overwhelmed by the day-to-day chaos that can strike a divorced family with multiple children moving between events and activities and multiple parents.

Or, as the case with a physicist who had children from two prior marriages and was in a current relationship with a woman who also had children from a prior relationship. He was interested in developing a mathematical algorithm that would allow him to have all of his children on the same weekend and every other weekend with his current partner without children.

With the help of a chaos-theory mathematics professor, he created a model that would allocate the children and the weekends to obtain the result he wanted. Unfortunately, for his circumstance, the model did not work well when attempting to deal with his overly complex set of variables.

But, he is working on applying real demographic data to simpler situations and hopes that the work will provide useful insights to judges and others attempting to create solutions for child custody disputes and other situations.

An important element of any child custody order is the willingness of the parents to work together for their child or children. You may not like them anymore, but that won’t change anything, nor make them less a parent to your child.

Creating a good custody schedule that works with your life is the best way to make it easier for everyone.

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