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Uncontested divorce in Oklahoma

Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma: When a married couple in Oklahoma makes the deeply personal decision to part ways, they may be able to work together to make decisions out of court regarding child custody, child support, alimony and property division. Doing so is known as an uncontested divorce, sometimes also referred to as a “waiver divorce.”

Not only can an uncontested divorce be less draining both emotionally and financially than a litigated divorce. But it also allows each spouse to have more of a say in how these important decisions are made.

So long as the agreement made in an uncontested divorce doesn’t violate any Oklahoma state laws or go against the best interest of the child if the couple has children, it takes only a short hearing before a judge for the settlement to be made binding.

Decisions made in an uncontested divorce may be less likely to be contested in the future. In fact, most divorces in the state of Oklahoma are Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma

However, there are a variety of reasons why couples may simply be unable to negotiate the terms of their divorce on their own. In these situations, they can turn to a judge to make the necessary decisions.

This is referred to a contested divorce. In such situations, each spouse may make their case for how they want their divorce to be settled. However, the judge is the ultimate decision-maker in such cases and will be the one to determine the terms of the divorce.

Waiver Divorce or Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma, Tulsa  Requirements

Spouses who agree on all issues of the case can only apply for Waiver dissolution of Marriage. This means they must agree with all simple as well as the complex issue of Divorces like property division, child custody, assignment of debts, distribution of retirement assets, child support, and spousal support.

So divorce couple with Conflicts on such issue, they must file a contested divorce.

Filing for your Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma,OKC

Step by Step Outline of the Process for Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma, OKC

  • You need to Request to public Notary with the verification page and get signed and notarized.
  • File the petition with the attached verification with the court clerks office in your county.
  • If you have children involved, find out about the parenting courses, which ones the judges prefer and how many hours you and your spouse will need to take etc.
  • Then , after 24 hours take the petation with Entry of Appearance and Waiver and Decree of Dissolution of Marriage (your divorce decree) to your spouse. Have them sign the entry and decree in front of a notary.
  • Take two things:  Signed Decree and the notarized Entry back to Court clerks and make sure you entry with case your case number while filing petition.
  • If there are no children involved after 10 days contact courthouse and request a court date.  Socan Call or visit to get the court date.  Note that to ask waiting time)
  • In case of Child Involvement, wait for 90 days, so in this time you can complete required parenting courses. So after 90 days contact court house and request a court date.
  • On court date take all divorce paper.
  • After the judge signs the divorce decree, take it to the court clerks office to get it filed. You are officially divorced. Be sure to give your ex-spouse copies of everything.

The attorneys at Baysinger Henson Reimer & Cresswell PLLC  in Tulsa Oklahoma,OKC are well-versed in representing clients in both uncontested and contested divorces.

Even if a uncontested divorce Tulsa, it can still be important to have an attorney by your side to represent your interests and inform you of your rights. And, when it comes to contested divorces, an attorney can advocate for your rights and interests before a judge.

The website of Baysinger Henson Reimer & Cresswll PLLC has information that couples seeking an Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma, be it contested or uncontested, may find helpful as they move on into their separate lives. You can contact Baysinger Henson Reimer & Cresswll PPLC  ” an experience Tulsa divorce Lawyer ” for free consultant.


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