More testimony in Zoey Belcher child custody case

More testimony in Zoey Belcher child custody case
June 13, 2018 Author



Other cases raise the level of difficulty in determining what the “right” answer in a child custody decision will be to a higher level. A hearing is continuing in the custody case involving the child of Jovan Belcher, to decide if the child should live with her grandmother, who was Jovan’s mother, or Kasandra Perkins, the child’s mother, cousin, Sophia Perkins Perkins.


Zoey Belcher was left an orphan after Jovan killed her mother in Kansas City during a domestic argument. Belcher then drove to the Kansas City Chiefs’ stadium, went in the locker room and shot himself. Zoey is 9-months-old.


On Wednesday, there was testimony by the grandmother, Cheryl Shepherd, that she would provide a good and loving home for her granddaughter. However, there was also testimony that the police had been called to Shepherd’s home many times for domestic disputes, but she claimed that was for disputes involving her other children.


Kasandra Perkins parents answered questions involving their own problems, including the father’s drug and alcohol convictions. However, it is Kasandra’s cousin who has requested custody of Zoey, who did not appear to testify.


A judge will have to work through the various factors involved in a child custody determination to ascertain what is in Zoey’s best interest.