What are the three forms of guardianship in Oklahoma?

BHRC forms of guardianship

There are certain circumstances in which the court will deem it necessary to appoint a guardian to a child under 18 years old after guardianship hearing. This may be the case if both of the child’s parents have died or if for some reason the child’s parents are incapable of raising the child. Guardians are…

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Oklahoma Public Intoxication Law

The New Year’s celebrations are barely a week old, and odds are a fair amount of Oklahoma partied a little too hard and got slapped with a public intoxication charge. This kind of charge is strictly enforced in Oklahoma, as well as other Oklahoma liquor laws. Oklahoma Public Intoxication Law makes it illegal to consume…

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Sealing Juvenile Records in Oklahoma

juvenile delinquents

If your child has been convicted of a crime, one of the scariest parts of the process is thinking your child will have a black mark on their record that follows them around wherever they go. This one mistake could stop them from going to a good college or landing a respectable job. Thankfully sealing…

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