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Sealing Juvenile Records in Oklahoma

If your child has been convicted of a crime, one of the scariest parts of the process is thinking your child will have a black mark on their record that follows them around wherever they go. This one mistake could stop them from going to a good college or landing a respectable job. Thankfully sealing juvenile records in Oklahoma is a viable option.

Difference between sealing and expunging

Sealing a record closes the record to public access. Law enforcement, courts, and certain government agencies will still be able to find and view the records. If your record is expunged it is erased completely.

Sealing in Tulsa 

There are certain qualifications records must meet in order to be sealed. The case must have ended at least one year ago and there cannot be any charges pending. Also, the child is not allowed to commit any offenses during the year-long waiting period.

If the case was dismissed or your child completed pre-adjudicatory probation, a military mentor program or a first-time offender diversion program, the case may also be eligible for sealing.

Expungements in Tulsa

If you are 21, have no charges pending or have not been arrested as an adult and you have completed the conditions of your juvenile case you may qualify to have your record expunged.


To seal or expunge your record you must file a request with the court that originally handled you juvenile case. Typically your first phone call should be made to the county clerk’s office.

Protecting your child’s future is extremely important and keeping their records safe is the best way to do so. The Tulsa lawyers at Baysinger, Henson, Reimer & Cresswell are experts in guarding juvenile records. If your child has made a mistake and you need help ensuring they have a successful future call today 918-274-4242.