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How can mediation help divorcing couples?

Mediation can offer Oklahoma couples a new, less combative way of achieving a settlement when getting divorced.

Mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution has been used for some time for a variety of situations. and you must know about How Does Divorce Mediation Work? Today, it offers divorcing couples an alternative to what can become very time-consuming and expensive courtroom settlements. Mediation also helps to reduce the level of conflict between a husband and wife during the divorce process. For families with children to be concerned about in a divorce, this can be especially important.

Can mediation work in all divorce situations?

The City of Tulsa website indicates that while mediation may be a good path to settlement for some couples, it may not be applicable in some cases. Situations that involve substance abuse, mental illness or domestic violence, for example, may require other expertise or methods of achieving appropriate divorce settlements.

Focus on communication

One of the key elements of mediation during divorce is the positive communication that must take place between both parties. Instead of focusing on making a case against the other partner, husbands and wives must focus on what agreed settlements will be most conducive to everyone's needs. This approach can not only aid in the facilitation of a less adversarial divorce but it can also greatly contribute to more positive ongoing co-parenting once the divorce is complete.

Mediation is not arbitration

As noted by the Huffington Post, mediation is not the same as arbitration. An arbitrator has the power to make decisions in cases. A mediator, on the other hand, cannot do that. Instead, the job of the mediator is to guide both parties through the process of making their own decisions in the end. These decisions should be mutually agreeable by each spouse without emphasis on any one party being a winner or a loser.

What other ways can couples reduce conflict during or after divorce?

Technology is coming into play in the lives of some divorced couples today. It offers the ability to continue the emphasis on reducing conflict and facilitating positive co-parenting. The Huffington Post describes some apps that may even be mandated by the court in some instances. These apps allow parents to easily track and manage expenditures related to their children and then balance the amount owed by each parent without argument. Some programs go so far as to help initiate and make funds transfers from one parent to the other.

How to know if mediation is right for you

When faced with a potential divorce, there are many questions to answer. Talking to an attorney is important at this time and can help couples identify if mediation is the right option for them.

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