What are the three forms of guardianship in Oklahoma?

BHRC forms of guardianship

There are certain circumstances in which the court will deem it necessary to appoint a guardian to a child under 18 years old after guardianship hearing. This may be the case if both of the child’s parents have died or if for some reason the child’s parents are incapable of raising the child. Guardians are…

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Oklahoma Public Intoxication Law

The New Year’s celebrations are barely a week old, and odds are a fair amount of Oklahoma partied a little too hard and got slapped with a public intoxication charge. This kind of charge is strictly enforced in Oklahoma, as well as other Oklahoma liquor laws. Oklahoma Public Intoxication Law makes it illegal to consume…

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Sealing Juvenile Records in Oklahoma

juvenile delinquents

If your child has been convicted of a crime, one of the scariest parts of the process is thinking your child will have a black mark on their record that follows them around wherever they go. This one mistake could stop them from going to a good college or landing a respectable job. Thankfully sealing…

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Uncontested divorce in Oklahoma

Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma: When a married couple in Oklahoma makes the deeply personal decision to part ways, they may be able to work together to make decisions out of court regarding child custody, child support, alimony and property division. Doing so is known as an uncontested divorce, sometimes also referred to as a “waiver…

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More testimony in Zoey Belcher child custody case

Most child custody cases have their elements of drama. After all, the parents are arguing over how they will spend time with their child or children, and who will have authority regarding how they will be raised. These are important issues, and require careful presentation to the court and equally careful consideration by the court.…

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How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

How Does Divorce Mediation Work? Divorce is often a difficult process. Emotions run high and each side of the divorce has their own reasons to feel hurt, angry, and dismayed. In many cases, a divorce is often prolonged because each party has such a difficult time negotiating in a court setting with the other party…

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Division of Assets Divorce : What to do in a divorce?

assets division during divorce

One of the most difficult legal issues in a dissolution of marriage is the division of assets in a divorce. Any couple that has acquired assets during the term of their marriage must come to difficult decisions on how these assets will be divided once the marriage is over. This is a very crucial step…

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Oklahoma Paternity Laws

When a married couple has a baby the state of Oklahoma automatically assumes the husband is the legal father. However, this presumption of paternity is not extended to unmarried couples. This means if an unmarried couple has a baby the biological father is not assumed to be the legal father unless the couple legally establishes…

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Factors Contributing to Juvenile Delinquency

juvenile delinquency

Juvenile delinquency Juvenile delinquency is a term used to describe illegal actions by a minor. This term is broad in range and can include everything from minor violations like skipping school to more severe crimes such as burglary and violent actions. Understanding why a minor commits a crime is essential to preventing future crimes from…

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Difference Between Alimony and Child Support

Is Alimony & Child Support same? In family law no two words are mixed up more than alimony and child support. This case of tomayto tomahto has gone on long enough, so we wanted to clear the air. Alimony and child support are two different legal terms, used for two different reasons. There’s also considerable…

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