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Homemaker Personal Service

Specialized Homemaker Personal Service Offers Real Solutions


There may be times in life when extra assistance is required with day to day tasks. Many people simply do these things automatically and may even take the ability to do them for granted. The assistance of a specialist in homemaker personal service may be required for a specific amount of time, like when a person has had surgery and is recovering, or when a woman is an expectant mother. Assistant help can also be necessary for an indefinite time when a person is developmentally delayed.


Home health care by a trained aide helps people to live more comfortably in their home. This may postpone or eliminate the need to live in a care facility. The independence that patients can experience is often life altering and contributes to their feelings of well-being.


Tasks That a Qualified Home Care Provider Can Help With


PHP Homeservices specializes in providing the kind of home help care that friends or family members might provide if they had the resources or time. Sometimes other important obligations like jobs and caring for children may prevent family members from being able to help out. It's reassuring to know that there are dedicated professional HPC, or Homemaker personal care assistants who can step in and provide the extra help a person may need to stay in their home successfully. Here are a few of the tasks a homemaker personal service provider can help with:


Home Cleaning - Mainly light cleaning like sweeping and dusting and occasionally more challenging tasks


Normal Meal Preparation - Complete meal preparation or simple reheating of meals


Specialty Meal Preparation - This might be needed during times of recovery from surgery or when faced with other health issues that require special attention to a person's diet. This can mean preparing low carb meals, low sugar or low fat meals


Personal Care - Tasks that may have become difficult like combing hair, dressing or shaving


Using Appliances Properly - Wash machines, ovens and things that may be difficult to operate because of painful conditions like arthritis


Using Communication Devices - Help with technologically challenging devices like cell phones and computers


Routine Household Tasks - Light housekeeping, dusting, tidying areas and going through daily mail


Accompanying Clients to Medical Appointments and Procedures - Providing that extra assistance when a client has an appointment or needs to have a medical procedure done that requires the services of a designated driver


Taking Medication - Taking medication in the right amounts and at the right times can be challenging, especially when many types of medications are necessary. A home health assistant can help a person with this sometimes confusing task


A specialist trained in providing HPC or homemaker personal care services can help in times when assistance is needed but not covered under insurance or through government programs. Care can also be provided on a cash payment basis, especially when the care will be on a temporary basis due to surgery or expecting a child.


People Who are Helped Most Often by Homemaker Personalized Services


When people enter into a phase of life where they need extra assistance getting daily tasks done around their home and help with doing personal care tasks, it's nice to know there are reliable, helpful services like those provided by PHP Homeservices. Sometimes that little bit of extra support supplied by an outside source can be exactly what a person needs to be able to stay in their home. Home is where a person feels safe and comfortable. It's the preferred place where most people want to be, especially as they age.


Soon the elderly in Ohio will be able to get help from PHP Homeservices through the Ohio Department of Aging. Other people who benefit greatly from the assistance of homemaker personal service care include those who have had open heart or other surgeries and don't qualify for state aid, mothers who are expecting a child or multiple children and are required to adhere to a schedule of bed rest, and developmentally delayed clients who require extra help with household and other tasks.


Assistance is Available Exactly When it is Needed


You have a true partner in your homemaker personalized service needs when you turn to PHP Homeservices. It's nice to know that reliable help is a simple phone call or a few clicks away. The peace of mind that comes from having help from professionals who place their priorities in excellence, service delivered with integrity, and adherence to a high level of professionalism is what you find through your local HPC homemaker personal care professionals. You and your loved ones are in good hands.