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Being charged with a crime is a stressful and scary time in your life. A criminal conviction can change your life forever. Take action today to protect your rights and minimize the consequences of your arrest. Retain a criminal defense lawyer in Tulsa at Baysinger Henson Reimer & Cresswell PLLC.

Whether you are accused of a DUI, DWI, APC, drug possession, larceny or any other misdemeanor or felony charge, you have options. Our lawyers will take the time to listen, answer your questions, and work with you to determine the best strategy to defend yourself.

If you have arrests or convictions on your record, you may be entitled to have those arrests expunged and your record completely cleaned up. Contact the firm online or call 918-274-4242 for a consultation to explore your options.

Working For Your Best Interests

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If you face criminal charges in Oklahoma, you want to stay out of jail and keep your record clean. Finding the right lawyer is crucial to mounting an effective defense.

An experienced and conscientious criminal defense lawyer can help you minimize the damage to your life and your future. You need a Criminal defense attorney who will give you the personal and professional attention you deserve throughout this ordeal.

As your attorneys, our job is to help you — to be on your side and to advocate for your best interests. Once we have a thorough understanding of the facts of your case, we will work with you to decide the best way forward.

We are experienced and effective plea negotiators and skilled trial lawyers, willing to take your case to trial if that is your best option.

Among our attorneys is Julie Henson, a former assistant public defender in Oklahoma Countyas well as a former assistant district attorney for Logan County. She has more than 15 years of experience handling Oklahoma criminal cases and is committed to your defense.

Good People Make Mistakes | Let Us Defend You

Good people make mistakes. The issue is what to do to put those mistakes behind you and return your life to normal. We handle a wide variety of Oklahoma felony and misdemeanor offenses in both district and municipal courts, cases such as:

  • DUI, DWI, and APC, including driver’s license suspension hearings before the Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  • Drug possession, sale, cultivation, manufacturing and other drug charges
  • Petty larceny and other theft offenses
  • Fraud and identify theft
  • Embezzlement and bogus checks
  • Robbery and burglary
  • Armed robbery
  • Assault and battery
  • Domestic violence
  • Traffic and speeding tickets
  • Parole and probation violations

A Drunk Driving Arrest Can Suspend Your Driver’s License

If you have been charged with DUI, DWI or APC in Oklahoma, you need to take action immediately to protect your driving privileges. You only have 15 days after a drunk driving arrest to request an implied consent hearing from the Department of Public Safety, or you will lose your driver’s license.

The right attorney can make it possible to keep your driver’s license from being suspended at that hearing, or secure a modified license that would allow you to continue to drive. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, it is essential to contact a lawyer immediately.

Municipal Court Cases

Any type of criminal matter that is handled in municipal court, even traffic tickets, should have the attention of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Having handled countless cases in municipal court, both in Owasso, Nowata, Pawhuska, Skiatook, Collinsville, Tulsa and surrounding areas, our attorneys can zealously take charge of your case and fight the municipal cases that you are facing. We conveniently have offices in both Owasso and Tulsa.

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No matter what your criminal charges, there are real ways in which a strong defense can help. Whether we seek an acquittal before a jury or fight to minimize the negative consequences of a conviction, we are committed to fighting for your best interests. The time to start your defense is now.

The offices of Baysinger Henson Reimer & Cresswell PLLC are conveniently located in Owasso and near the Tulsa County and Municipal Courts in downtown Tulsa. Please see our contact page to contact our attorneys or for maps and directions.

Jail consultations and evening or weekend appointments are available. Contact criminal defense lawyers tulsa our  firm today to discuss your defense strategy.