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While divorcing spouses can permanently resolve their disputes about property at the time of a divorce, issues concerning children can continue for years. We as Child Custody Lawyers in Tulsa & Owasso and lawyers for children, are always passionate to help you.


When parents divorce – or break up if they are not married – their child-rearing duties do not cease. If anything, parents find they have to communicate and cooperate, almost as much after a divorce or separation than when they were together.

Tulsa Child custody

At Baysinger Henson Reimer & Cresswell PLLC “Child custody attorney in Tulsa and Owasso”, with offices in both Owasso and Tulsa, Oklahoma, we understand that families are a work in progress.


Whether you are considering a divorce, have been served with divorce papers, or are estranged from the child’s other parent, you need an experienced divorce attorney in Tulsa and Owasso who understands child custody laws of Oklahoma, child support and child visitation laws and procedures.

Our Child Legal Services | Owasso Visitation Attorneys

Our Child Custody attorney Tulsa & Owasso, OK  have that experience and understanding on Family law. They have represented clients in many child-related legal matters. As seasoned litigators and proven negotiators trained in mediation and collaborative law techniques, they assist our clients in resolving important issues related to:

Child custody and Child visitation

Retaining parenting rights after a divorce, separation or other relationship breakdown, and determining your options for joint legal custody, physical custody and/or visitation.

Child support

Assisting parents in obtaining child support that complies with state formulas and accurately reflect the parents’ financial circumstances.

Child removal/relocation

Assisting parents in resolving custody, visitation and other issues resolving child removal, particularly when those parents need to move out of the state.

Modifications of orders

Seeking to modify the terms of court orders relating to divorce, child custody, child support or alimony when personal or financial circumstances change substantially, as well as seeking to stop others’ requests to modify those terms.


Helping clients to enforce court orders for child support, spousal support and custody, as well as to obtain and enforce restraining orders and orders for protection.


Establishing a child’s parentage can entitle him or her to child support and health care benefits from the father. It may also legally permit a father to have access to a child. Our child custody attorney Tulsa represent both mothers and fathers in paternity actions.

Termination of parental rights

Ensuring the safety and well-being of the child by seeking to end a parent’s rights to a child when there is abuse or neglect in the home.

Practical Advice And Effective Representation

Baysinger Henson Reimer & Cresswell PLLC “Tulsa Child Custody attorney” is dedicated to providing sound advice and strong advocacy for parents with child-related legal concerns. We strive to eliminate uncertainty and bring clarity and comfort to the lives of our clients.

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